Through the baptism of your son or daughter, you handed on the gift of faith to them and assumed the awesome responsibility of nurturing that faith in them in a unique way. Know that the clergy and catechists of our parish are grateful for the trust you place in us as together     we foster the faith of your daughter or son.

We encourage you to share fully in this preparation process with your daughter or son. Most importantly, invite dialogue with them in regard to their decision to receive the sacrament. As a parent of a teenager, you know the need to express what is best for them. However, be alert to the mature response of a young person who may have a good reason to postpone the reception of this sacrament.

The selection of a sponsor should again be the decision of the candidate. It should be someone whom they have a relationship with such as a godparent or someone they see as a role model. Be open to the possibilities and again, thank you!


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