Your sponsor is an important witness and partner for you. Your Sponsor is your mentor or faith coach - someone to help you to remain firm and strong in your faith. Sponsors provide guidance and prayers and generally are a part of your life after Confirmation.

 Guidelines in choosing your sponsor

A sponsor should be chosen by the candidate in communication with others.

A practicing, faithful Catholic, fully initiated in our faith.

Over the age of 16, either male or female.

A personal role model, willing to share his/her own experience of faith with you.

Please note they may not be your parents. Parents stand in the same relationship as their teen as they did at Baptism.

A suggestion is a baptismal Godparent, thus emphasizing more clearly the relationship between Baptism and Confirmation.


A sponsor must be a fully initiated Catholic, this means they have received the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist. They should be a registered, active member of a Catholic Church. Your sponsor will need to complete the Sponsor Certification Form. If they are NOT an IHM Parishioner, they just need to have their home parish office, where they are registered, complete the bottom portion of the form and return to IHM by the November Gathering, the Sponsor Gathering.

The Sponsor Certification Form may be found below.


ADD Sponsor Certification Form