Dear Parishioners,

The parish is for most Catholics the single most important part of the Church. It is where we publicly express our faith in an effort to be with God and each other.

As a parish family, each and every member has a very important role to play in building up our community of faith. Our prayers and active support, coupled with our own unique gifts of the Spirit, will enable us to meet the demands of diversity and the varieties of commitment that exist here at IHM.

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Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish 4701 Weldin Rd. Wilmington, DE 19803

IHM Temporary Mass Schedule

Temporary Mass Schedule

Although our 5pm Mass on Saturday remains unchanged, our new temporary Sunday morning schedule starting on June 7th will be 7am, 9am and 11am.  The time changes are necessary to facilitate our need to sanitize the Church and the gathering area between Masses (the 7am will not have music).  IHM Sunday Online Mass will continue.  Please go to IHM.org. It will be posted on the main page.

Weekday Masses will be celebrated every Monday thru Saturday at 6:30am and 9am.



The sacrament of Reconciliation will resume at IHM this coming Saturday, June 13th from 4pm to 4:45We cannot use the Reconciliation room, so we will set up in the Chapel.  Only one person at a time will be allowed into the Chapel. You must wear a facemask and leave the room immediately after you receive absolution.  Those people waiting their turn should form a line in the gathering area.

Please observe social distancing.



IHM Adoration


Did you hear from IHM this week via Email?

“Flocknote” is the parish provider  for written communication from Father Bob, our pastor. If you have NOT received  information about parish cancellations, that means we do not have an updated EMAIL address for you. Please  provide information below and  you will then be included in any written communication from Father Bob. 



IHM 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time 7-5-20

IHM 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time 7-5-20

IHM 13th Sunday in Ordinary Time 6-28-20

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Mass Times

Saturday Vigil 5:00 PM
Sunday 7:00am, 9:00am,11:00am
Monday-Saturday 6:30 & 9 AM in Chapel




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IHM Parking

If you are visiting IHM and need to park in an adjacent neighborhood, please do not block driveways or park on neighbor’s lawns. We ask that parking be kept to one side of the street. Thank you

Office Hours

Monday-Thursday 9 AM - 8 PM
Friday 9 AM - 4 PM

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