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Diocesan Rules and Procedures Form

Preparation Program Calendar 2019-2020


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Calling parents to assist with ensuring two adults are present at all sessions.

Coming Soon!

Parent Volunteer Link


Calling teens to register for a retreat that meets your schedule, attending one retreat is a required part of the program.

Retreat Sign-up Link


Service Opportunities “COMING SOON”


Forms for Completion

Sponsor Eligibility Form

Sponsor form is required by every sponsor, follow directions on the form. Return at the Sponsor gathering in November.

Sponsor Eligibility Form


Confirmation Name Form

Confirmation Name form is required for every candidate, once you have chosen your name fill out the form and return at the November gathering.

Confirmation Name Form


Liturgy Form “COMING JANUARY 2020”

Each family will complete a liturgy form to assist with liturgy planning in the spring.


Confirmation Name Link “COMING SPRING 2020”

Once all Confirmation Name forms are returned I will add a link here so you can verify your name for our program.