Candidates Corner



The reception of the sacrament of Confirmation is evidence of your commitment to the Catholic Faith. Confirmation completes your initiation into the Church and so, in many ways, is a beginning for you. As a parish, we are eager to assist and guide your faithful response to the Spirit within you. It is our hope that you will feel comfortable to approach our staff with your

Being prepared to receive the sacrament of Confirmation.

As a Confirmation Candidate, you should:

  • Be a baptized Catholic and a member of Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish who celebrates your faith, especially on Sundays.
  • Receive the sacraments of Eucharist and Reconciliation as a part of the expression of your faith.
  • Recognize the importance of ongoing faith formation. Your commitment to participating in the Confirmation program is essential and should be a priority. 
  • With your parents, catechists, and clergy to guide you, the desire to receive the sacrament should be your own. May the Holy Spirit come alive in you!

Choosing your sponsor

The definition “sponsor” means:

1: one who presents a candidate for baptism or confirmation and undertakes responsibility for the person’s religious education or spiritual welfare.

2: one who assumes responsibility for some other person or thing.


Basic guidelines in choosing your sponsor: 

  • A sponsor should be at least sixteen years (by the date of confirmation)
  • Have been initiated in the Catholic Church through the three sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and the Eucharist and be in good standing with the Church.
  • Display a visible commitment to living out the Catholic faith and have the ability and intention to carry out his/her responsibility as a spiritual guide in your life.

Other considerations when selecting a Confirmation sponsor:

  • A sponsor CANNOT be a parent of the one to be confirmed.
  • Each Confirmation candidate may choose ONE sponsor.
  • Because the Sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation are so closely connected. Church teaching states that it is “desirable that the godparent at Baptism also be the sponsor at Confirmation” however the selection of a special sponsor is also permitted.
  • IDEALLY- - your sponsor should attend the sponsor gathering with you! (Parents can sub if needed.)
  • If your sponsor is unable to attend the actual Sacrament of Confirmation liturgy, another adult (including a parent) may stand in his/her place as a proxy. The name of your sponsor will still be noted in the official Church record of your Confirmation.
  • The choice of who should be your sponsor is YOUR (and your parents) decision!


Things to think about before you ask someone to be your sponsor:

  • Your sponsor should be willing and able to participate in your formation for Confirmation.
  • The person that you choose as your sponsor should be someone you admire and respect and who actively lives out the beliefs of our Catholic faith.
  • Your sponsor should be someone that you trust and feel comfortable turning to for help, advice and guidance, especially in regard to your spiritual life.
  • Your sponsor should be someone who, through his/her example, shows you what it means to be Catholic and who will take an active role in your preparation for Confirmation.
  • After you receive the sacrament of Confirmation your relationship with your sponsor DOES NOT END! You are both called to lead each other closer to God, to continue to grow in knowledge of your faith and to challenge one another to lead lives of holiness and service.
  • PRAY! Spend some time asking God for guidance on who to choose as your sponsor.   


Choosing Your Confirmation Name

“I will give them an everlasting name.” ~ Isaiah 56

How to choose your Confirmation Name.



What’s in a name?

When you were born your parents carefully chose your name, they may have named you in honor of a special person in their lives, an aunt or uncle, a grandparent, or close friend. They may have chosen your name for the meaning behind it. Perhaps they named you because they felt a close connection to a holy man or woman of our faith – one of the saints. Maybe they just really liked your name! Most likely, it was a combination of many factors. (If you do not know why your parents chose your name, why not ask them about it?)


Your name gives you an identity, it tells others who you are. Throughout our lives, we will identify ourselves with many names – the names of the mascot of your high school or college, the name of the region of the country we live in; the title of the career we choose.

However, there is a name above all names that, through Baptism, we should strive to be known to the world by and that name is Catholic Christian. At your Baptism, you were called by name, and christened to become a child f God. You entered into the Catholic community by name.


Now it is your turn!

As part of your preparation to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation, you have the privilege and responsibility, just like your parents did when you were born, to choose a name.

    • Your Confirmation name should reflect your closer identification as a member of the Catholic Christian community.
    • The name you select can be associated with someone in your life, your parish, or your community who you respect and admire. Many Confirmation candidates select a name from a parent or grandparent, honoring them for their example of love and holiness.                                                                                                                                             
    • Your Confirmation name should be the name of a saint. 
    • You can choose your baptismal name or you can choose a new name.
    • Your Confirmation name follows your middle name. eg Amy Marie Claire Smith
    • PRAY! Just as you pray about any decision you have to make, ask the Holy Spirit to guide you as you choose a saint as your patron.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

 Where should I begin to choose a Confirmation name?

     Wikipedia – lists saints by occupation or activity.


      Discovering our Saints - Short videos about any of the everyday saints on Youtube. 


      Introductory video for teens on the sacrament of Confirmation. What happens at Confirmation?


     Fr. Mike Schmitz – Great discussion on the key concepts of our faith.


     Life Teen – has a wonderful list of saints in different classes.


Websites to research saints for your Confirmation Name,

There are a variety of books depicting the lives of the saints and a book is a great place to start!   Some of these books tell the life story of one saint in particular, and others give a brief story about the lives of numerous saints so you can read about many holy men and women all in one place. Check out the library at school (IHM) or ask your catechist for a book. Also you can check out any of the websites that I have listed below.