Confirmation Coursework for Gathering One October 2021


Watch the videos, using the links below.  Complete the Google Form and submit once finished.

If you are asked for a course code to enter EDPuzzle the coursecode is relohco  

All fields are required. Coursework is due by November 20.

Use the form in the link below to record your answers to the following video clips.

Gathering One Response Form

Click below to access the classroom or you may use the individual link below: 

Classroom Link for EDPuzzle


Video Links for Coursework

       Video 1 Sacraments 101 Video Clip

                      Sacraments 101 clip


       Video 2 Bishop Barron On confirmation Names Video Clip

                      Bishop Barron clip


      Video 3 Chosen:What happens at Confirmation? Video Clip

                      Chosen clip


      Video 4 Choosing a Sponsor

                      Choosing a Sponsor clip